Permanent group installation for the central piazza of town near Siena, Italy . DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

Sculptural Benches, Sedili d’Autore… Assembling a team of diverse artists to design a group of sculptural benches of the same material was the idea of the Sienese artist Mauro Berrettini. The inspiration was to return to artists the responsibility for designing public spaces rather than relegate that role to engineers and architects only. Thus, in a magnificent exercise in understatement, each artist has contributed a humble park bench, which is also a sculpture. The result is congenial to people’s use, where medieval plaza-building, artisanal working of local stone, and contemporary art intersect.  The project involves proposes to install 20 sculptural benches in the main square of the town. The artworks are made of Sienese travertine limestone by a group of internationally renown artists: Marcello Aitiani, Mauro Berettini, Rinaldo Bigi, Nado Canuti, Jacopo Cascella, Pietro Cascella, Giralomo Ciulla, Daniel Courvreur, Mirella Forlivesi, Riccardo Grazzi, Justin Peyser, Jean Paul Phillipe , Giò Pomodoro, Enzo Scatragli, Matthew Spender, Viliano Tarabella, Joe Tilson, Venturino,Venturi, Cordelia Von Den Steinen and Kan Yasuda. Prior versions of the project were exhibited at the Triennale of Milan (1997, L’arte nella citta: il sedile in pietra) and in Piazza Santa Croce in Florence (2000) and have been installed permanently in the Tuscan towns of Castel San Niccolò (Arezzo) and Pontedera (Pisa). This current group of artworks come from the travertine quarries of Serre di Rapolano (Siena) and made under the direction of Riccardo Grazzi.

“Sculpture in a Painting”, 2018, Travertine and Steel,  6.5 x 4 x 4 feet

“Sculpture in a Painting”, 2018, Travertine and Steel, 6.5 x 4 x 4 feet